Ubuntu Firewall setting By UFW

The basic firewall in Ubuntu is UFW. So here’s how to use the basic UFW..

UFW enable/disable

sudo ufw enable

sudo ufw disable

Displays a warning that the firewall will be blocked on activation.

Allow and block UFW

  1. Port base, Service base:
    sudo ufw allow <port>/<optional: protocol>

    sudo ufw allow 80
    sudo ufw allow 80/tcp
    sudo ufw allow http
    sudo ufw deny http
  2. IP base:

    sudo ufw allow from <ip address>
    sudo ufw allow from
    sudo ufw allow from

UFW Advanced used

sudo ufw allow from <ip address> to <protocol> port <port number> proto <protocol name>

Allow address and tcp protocol port 80

sudo ufw allow from to any port 80

Delete UFW rule

When deleting a rule in UFW, insert the delete classification and the same rule as the Allow rule. At this time, you can check the rule through state and numbered.

sudo ufw allow from

sudo ufw delete from


UFW numbered rules

You can see the UFW rules with numbers attached. Rules are applied sequentially from top to bottom. You can use this to modify, delete, or add rules.

sudo ufw status numbered


sudo ufw delete 1


sudo ufw insert 1 allow http
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